Self reconfigurable intelligent swarm fixtures


Warsaw University of Technology

The biggest university of technology in Poland (employees: 5500, students: 32000). Members of two groups from WUT will participate in the project:

  • Robot Programming and Pattern Recognition Group (RP&PRG), Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (FEIT), Institute of Control and Computations Engineering (ICCE);
  • Division on Theory of Machines and Robots (DTMR), Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering (FPAE), Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics (IAAM).
RP&PRG - Research on robot motion planning and control systems, autonomous mobile robot navigation, robot programming methods, computer vision and speech recognition systems. Focus on new motion and force/position control algorithms for multi-arm systems. Special emphasis the sensor-based motion planning and control of single and multiple articulated or mobile robots.

DTMR - Research on robotics, including design and prototyping of novel robots (e.g. prototype of fast manipulator with large workspace, robots for cardio-surgery, mobile robots, and walking machines), biomechanics, mechanical design methods, analysis and modelling of multi-body systems, safety engineering in applications.



  • Cezary Zielinski, Full Professor, M.Sc./Eng., Ph.D.
  • Teresa Zielinska, Full Professor, M.Sc./Eng., Ph.D, head of DTMR.
  • Wojciech Szynkiewicz, Associate Professor, M.Sc./Eng., Ph.D.
  • Tomasz Winiarski, M.Sc./Eng., Researcher.
  • Andrzej Rydzewski, M.Sc./Eng., Senior Lecturer.


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