Self reconfigurable intelligent swarm fixtures


Project Organization


The work is organized in 8 workpackages:
  • WP1: Project management.
    The objective of this work package is to manage the whole project:
    1. Organisation, technical, administrative and financial coordination;
    2. S/T project management;
    3. Supervision of project progress;
    4. Corrective actions and conflict resolution.
  • WP2: Requirements, specifications and conceptual design.
    The objective of this work package are:
    1. Defining SwarmItFIX requirements; developing general system specifications and specifications for the reference demonstrator;
    2. Specifying the SwarmItFIX concept that meets the system specifications;
    3. Completing the overall conceptual design of the system (including all subsystems).
  • WP3: Single agent and bench mechatronic design.
    The objective of this work package are:
    1. Mechatronic design of the fixture agent including mobile base and parallel robot; definition and embedding of all required sensors, actuators and electronics;
    2. Mechatronic design and prototyping of the adjustable head including phase-change activation and interfacing to the parallel robot;
    3. Completing the overall conceptual design of the system (including all subsystems).
  • WP4: Agent control design. Implementation and integration at agent level.
    The objective of this work package are:
    1. To specify and implement low-level controllers for the mobile base and the robot.
    2. To specify and implement the behavioral control of the individual agents.
  • WP5: Modelling and implementation of multi-agent fixture.
    The objective of this work package are:
    1. Bench mechatronic design and development of all bench-agents and bench-plant interfaces; embedding of required sensors and electronics;
    2. Implementation of a complete modular and scalable virtual model of the SwarmItFIX fixture;
    3. Linking of the virtual model to the middle-level agent control system and to the high-level fixture control system.
  • WP6: Swarm planning and control.
    The objective of this work package are:
    1. To develop the system coordinator (supervisor);
    2. To develop the planner establishing the destination points for the individual agents (robots).
  • WP7: Integration testing and validation.
    The objective of this work package are:
    1. Physical integration at mechatronic and control levels of agents and bench in the SwarmItFIX demonstration prototype;
    2. Definition of procedures for testing and validation both in simulation (larger size system with numerous agents) and on the SwarmItFIX physical prototype (demonstrator with limited size and number of agents);
    3. Validation of overall system performance in simulation and on the virtual prototype;
    4. Implementation of the HMI with the simulator used for users decision support, fixture programming and program validation.
  • WP8: Dissemination and exploitation.
    Scope of this Work Package is:
    1. to define the measure to ensure that the beneficiaries will be able to assimilate and exploit the results of the project as well as the dissemination of the results,
    2. to facilitate and encourage the industrial and commercial exploitation of the results.


The methodologies adopted include:
  • participative design starting from users requirements and including the users in the design loop
  • integrated multi- and inter-disciplinary knowledge-based approach extended to mechanical structures, intelligent materials, actuation, sensorial and power systems, control planning and communication architectures
  • modeling, simulation and virtual prototyping enabling quantitative comparative evaluation of alternative solutions.

A priori knowledge will be integrated with specific experiments in case theory is not available or reliable.

Work Plan

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